Jiun Ho

“You can be poor in life, but Jiun, you should never be poor in experiences.” Jiun Ho’s mother shared with him this single piece of advice when he was eight years old. Her words deeply impacted Ho and have gone on to influence decisions from that day forward. Nowhere is that more evident than in the very personal collection, Juin Ho VI: Japan, where he draws on the colors, textures, and shapes of the first country he visited outside of his native Malaysia. The newest collection evokes a soulful sense of quietude and presence. 

A passionate world traveler, the award-winning interior and furnishings designer reflects on that seminal moment and a life of global exploration and inspiration in his new monograph, Jiun Ho: Experience, a gorgeous travelogue tracing his journeys across the continents with camera and sketchbook in hand. Serving as a document of the San Francisco-based designers best work, Experience is a _____ _____ and looks right at home on his Omikuji Coffee Table.

Featured is the Hiyoshi Sectional with Ottoman, a sectional system comprised of pieces that can also stand alone and a versatile choice for residential and hospitality. Also shown, the Goma Club Chair and Omikuji Coffee Table.
The Kiyomizu Dining Table is inspired by one of the most celebrated temples in Japan. Located in Kyoto, it is best known for the wooden stage that protrudes from the main hall and built without nails.


The Mori Bed, with its generous scale and winged enclosure, was inspired by the hushed serenity of an ancient, forested area in Mori, a town located in Oshima Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan.

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