Calla Mobile

Hand blown, sculpted glass crystal pieces balanced from a solid
brass mobile

9 glass pieces – approx. dimensions 120”W x 84”D
Glass – clear with iridescence
Metal – oxidized brass
Cordage – black

Available in four sizes:
3 glass pieces – approx. dimensions 60”W x 36”D
5 glass pieces – approx. dimensions 84”W x 48”D
7 glass pieces – approx. dimensions 108”W x 60”D
9 glass pieces – approx. dimensions 120”W x 84”D
Glass – 12”W x 9”D x 3”H

6W incandescent bulb per socket included

Glass Crystal Color – clear, olivine*, opaline*, sepia*, smoke*,
topaz*, gold leaf*
Glass Crystal Finish – standard, soft etched, with iridescence
Metal – brushed brass, oil rubbed blackened steel*, light oil rubbed
blackened steel*, brushed silver*, oxidized brass*
Cordage – black, gold, silver
*premium finish – refer to price guide for additional charges

General lead time for standard finishes is 10-12 weeks. Updated
lead times provided at time of formal quoting. This fixture
has minimum OAD requirements – please refer to price list for
additional information
As per design intent, fixture may balance at angles different from
what is shown and arms will reposition slightly if contact is made.
All dimensions listed are approximate and should be considered
+/- 6”

UL listed