Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mirror by Jocelyn Marsh 

Kaleidoscope by Jocelyn Marsh was created as a part of the dialogue between Infinite Butterflies: Hundreds & Thousands and its audience which has increasingly become one of longing to experience more. In the same way that looking into a kaleidoscope evokes the feeling of stepping into another world of bright color and mesmerizing patterns, the larger-than-life size of Kaleidoscope gives the viewer an opportunity to have a full body experience of aswarm of butterflies. Each one of a kind piece is numbered and signed by the artist.
Exclusively available through COUP STUDIO.

Butterfly Body Finish Options: Gold, Rose Gold or Silver
Frame Finish Options: Midnight Satin or Midnight Gloss
Dimensions: 50″ W x 112″ H x 5″ D