Oka Sofa

Sofa with three loose back cushions, one loose seat cushion and inside back available in com only. Sofa body only available in LIAIGRE leather. Sofa is available in both a straight and angled shape. The angled sofa features 8 metal feet in black patina. The overall depth noted is the sofa footprint.

On your order, you must specify if angled portion of the sofa is raf or laf. Angled sofa depth without angle and straight sofa depth is 37.5”d.

Straight sofa features 6 metal feet in black patina.

Size 1 Dimensions: angled: 124w x 50.5d x 29.25h.

COM/COL: angled, size 1 COL/LIAIGRE leather: overall: 17 yds. Body: 6 yds / 108 sq ft. Inside back: 6 yds / 5.5 m seat cushion (1): 6.5 yds. Back cushions (3): 4.5 yds.

Size 2 Dimensions: straight: 90.5w x 37.5d x 29.25h.

COM/COL: straight, size 2 COL/LIAIGRE leather: overall: 14 yds. Body: 4.5 yds / 86.5 sq ft. Inside back: 4.5 yds. Seat (1): 5 yds. Back cushions (3): 4.5 yds.

Notes: all fabric and/or LIAIGRE leather, if ordered from lic warehouse, must ship to isd, france.