Orb Candleholders

Three candleholders made with exquisite rock crystal, rich with inclusions and raised on bulbed bronze feet. Their curvaceous bowls have been carved to hold taper and pillar candles. As vessels of light, rock crystal refracts and reflects most elegantly as in the ballrooms of old. The inspiration for these forms is the japanese giboshi; an ornament used on bridges that resembles an onion. The delightful spherical form lends itself to a candleholder – with the idea also that the light would show the path across the bridge.

Dimensions: size 1 pillar candle: inches dia 6 3/4 in. Size 2 22 mm standard taper candle: inches dia 5 1/4 in. Size 3 2 1/2” pillar candle: inches dia 3 in.
Weight: size 1 – 3 kgs. Size 2 – 1 kgs. Size 3- 3 kgs.
Materials: rock crystal.