Ouranos I Sconce

Mystery clouds the ancient story of OURANOS: The God of Heaven, grandfather of Prometheus, consort and son to Earth Goddess Gaia.
Concealed by time, OURANOS reminds us to push past our limitations, eyeing the skies above our clouded collective consciousness.
Glowing spheres hewn from quartz rock sweep away the mists of time, revealing an artefact of our home planet, an ode to far-flung maverick ice giant, Uranus.
An individual lustrous quartz sphere appears suspended in a slab of brass, honouring the vertical rotation of the planet Uranus with a transversal rift of light.

Lamp: 24V LED WW 2700K
Lumens: 645 LM
Voltage: 24V DC
Watts: 12W
Weight: Approx. 4kg*
Inclusions: 1 Quartz crystal sphere Power Supply Unit x 16W
Exclusions: User Interface, Dimmer Unit