Wonderland Wall Sculpture

Shown (in upper lett, upper right, and lower lett images) in
“Light patinaed stainless steel and black pigmented aluminum
Shown (in lower right image) in “Dark” patinaed stainless steel
and black pigmented aluminum.

Standard “canvas” finishes: patinaed stainless steel offered in a “Light” and “Dark” version.
Standard frame finish: black pigmented aluminum.

Standard dimensions
59″h x 59″w × 3″d
67″h x 36″w x 3″d
79″h x 47.5″w × 3″d

Bespoke sizes are available on request.
brass finishes are available on request.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Wonderland Wall Sculpture is subject to the artist’s interpretation as well as variation in physical and chemical processes and therefore, each is unique.
Custom orders cannot be made to exactly match a previous

SPECIAL NOTE: The weight is approximately 60-80 lbs and should be confirmed at the time of order (based on final size and inclusions).