2024 Style Predictions

R HUGHES believes in curating fresh & exciting pieces that transform a room. We’re not one that go with trends, but rather what we find compelling to tell your story outside of the noise. Here are the nine themes we’re hoping to incorporate more of in 2024.

“While modern and contemporary shapes have dominated as of late, there’s a growing resurgence of more traditional upholstery,” said Luxe Magazine. You can still conjure an elegant power that suits modern, sparsely furnished spaces as well as more traditional rooms with the right pleat. You can count on us for that.

Pictured: Palais Royal Froufrou Sofa by Pierre Augustin Rose

Whether you’re working from home more or still experiencing PTSD from mandated stay-at-home orders, we know how significantly nature can improve our well-being by awakening our environment.

Pictured: Janus II by Sirak 

After years of witnessing Scandinavian-minimalist decor takeover homes & retail spaces, we are welcoming the dopamine boost that color offers. Whether it’s with paint color, upholstery, furniture, or lighting…we’re itching for a room that displays a playful & harmonious affect.

Pictured: Golia Stool by Draga & Aurel

While there has been a workforce movement back into the office place, there is no denying we’re living in a hybrid world. There is a resurgence of designing homes to include an office. Instead of treating it as the often cold space found in actual workplaces, add artful pieces to bring it to life.

Pictured: Officium Desk by Pierre Augustin Rose

Brass and matte black have certainly dominated within product offerings. However, metallics like silver, chrome, & nickel are back offering variations in cool and warm hues.

Pictured: Onos Adjustable Pendant by Hector Finch

While we’re still fans of gallery walls & they play a roll in the right spot, we’re appreciating how impactful a singular piece of art can be from sheer scale. Don’t be afraid to go big here.

Pictured: Infinite Butterflies by Jocelyn Marsh

The underlying theme with home furnishings and decor we’re witnessing is a magnetic pull towards the desire to feel warm in a space. No, we’re not talking temperature. We’re talking about the energy of a space. Brown has shown itself to be a clever color – blending into various color palettes more seamlessly than black. Whether it’s a rustic or retro look, there is shade of brown that evokes just the mood you’re going for.

Pictured: Pia Sofa by Collection Particuliere

If a space you’re designing will be overwhelmed with additional metallics, might we suggest high sheen lacquer on cabinetry or furnishing. It provides an unexpected dimension that elevates a space.

Pictured: Elevate Coffee Table

While curves & organic shapes have become increasingly popular over the years, there’s a continued reason. They help to soften a space by balancing the hard lines of a room’s architecture or square-set decor.

Pictured: Helios Mirror by Pierre Augustin Rose