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Pierre Augustin Rose Residency at St. Vincent

A Tour of the Antwerp Design & Art Gallery St. Vincents Featuring Pierre Augustin Rose

In the latter half of 2023, the Antwerp-based art and design gallery St. Vincents hosted an exclusive residency by the Parisian brand Pierre Augustin Rose, celebrating their ongoing partnership. This event featured Pierre Augustin Rose’s curated collection of furniture and lighting on the gallery’s ground floor.

Pierre Augustin Rose was spearheaded by the innovative trio of Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze, and Nina Rose. Their passion for unique spaces and expertise in 20th-century art and design heavily influenced their creative direction, allowing them to reimagine classic design styles with a modern twist. They strived to establish a distinctive style that blended timeless modernity with audacious elements, as articulated by Pierre Bénard.

The residency at St. Vincents diverged from traditional showroom norms, presenting Pierre Augustin Rose’s luxurious Parisian collection in a distinctive setting. Co-founder Geraldine Jackman highlighted the unique backdrop that enhanced the elegance of the displayed pieces.

Visitors could see a captivating mix of iconic and contemporary items. The showcase included the curvaceous Sofa 280, the bold Minitore armchair, and the Polus 002 chair with a sled-shaped oak base. Additionally, the Forum Table, Daphne chairs, and Eole pendant light further exemplified the brand’s diverse and appealing designs.

saint honore pierre augustin rose sofa

pierre augustin rose - duo coffee table

sofa st vincent

palais royale sofa

eole floor lamp

pierre augustin rose sofa 190

pierre augustin rose lounge chair

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apparatus scene change reprise


Nothing comes into being without a narrative, and APPARATUS, since its inception in 2012, has consistently served a need, both functional and emotional: to bring light to life. The way in which APPARATUS achieves this is under constant revision, reflecting the ever-changing nature of light itself. Light is in constant movement, tricking the eye, blinding, and baptizing. This ethos extends to the latest APPARATUS LOS ANGELES : SCENE CHANGE.

apparatus scene change - reprise

Each APPARATUS gallery functions as a transformative experience. Visitors pass through and exit with a new protective layer, their eyes opened to new possibilities, and perhaps inspired to view their own lives and spaces differently. The term “apparatus” refers to a framework or structure, and APPARATUS serves as a tool to help recognize and understand a wider range of possibilities.

The Los Angeles gallery, first opened in 2018 on North McCadden Place, underwent a significant renovation last year. Sunnier than its counterparts in London and New York, the Los Angeles gallery implements and manipulates light with a distinct visual language. In its second iteration, each room in the gallery is organized as a progression of materials.

median inspiration apparatus

Upon entering, visitors find themselves in a modernist grotto, with rock aggregate walls that are rough to the touch. Here, lights are relatively low, allowing visitors to experience the collections with slightly subterranean undertones. Each room is encased in a texture that invites touch even as it repels. The walls are not smooth, yet they beckon to be touched.

apparatus scene change - median

apparatus LA showroom – median

Moving to the adjoining space, the textural overtones transform from rocky to reflective. Silvered walls reflect without revealing, creating the impression of being inside a Renaissance coffer. After the grounding of the first space, this reflective space functions as a release.

Finally, visitors move from reflection to roots, symbolized by cork lining the walls at the heart of the gallery. “It’s about feeling discovery and moving through layers,” says Gabriel Hendifar, Artistic Director of APPARATUS. Eschewing simple white walls allows the interactive potential of their work to shine fully. Layers, texture, and complexity are vital ingredients in APPARATUS’s creative expression, making it impossible to design without them. The pieces complete the narrative of each space, providing the moving parts that make the machine function.

lariat sconce apparatus

cork walls lariat pendant apparatus

Despite the new material choices in the Los Angeles space, the structural language of APPARATUS remains the same. Like the skeleton of a Giorgio De Chirico painting, clients are escorted through layers of the subconscious via archways, avenues, and repeating forms. These quiet, repeating forms and rich material variety allow the story to unfold.

cloud apparatus

cloud apparatus

trapeze apparatus los angeles scene change
trapeze apparatus lighting

APPARATUS embraces a narrative of renewal, designing lights and furniture to last. Their pieces can be centered, put away, and rediscovered years later, still perfectly relevant. The Los Angeles gallery represents roots and returns – Los Angeles is where Hendifar grew up, and after years of laying new roots in New York, it is where he chose to expand and continue the APPARATUS story. This return to roots symbolizes how the company functions: designing for change and time, embracing both inevitable factors and working in tandem with them.

At the center of this narrative is their dream protagonist: a woman living in New York in the 1960s, embodying the tension between modernity and the arcane. She finds herself in a decade that saw the first steps on the moon and the boiling point of a centuries-long civil rights movement. What would happen if this woman moved to Los Angeles a decade later to find herself? The Los Angeles gallery is the answer.

She has taken the glamour, grit, and extremes of New York, processed them, and funneled the mix into a utopian West Coast ideal, with frenetic energy buzzing beneath the surface. The intention of APPARATUS is for visitors to step into their home in Los Angeles and find new means of expression. For those more pragmatic than poetic, function remains at the center, ensuring APPARATUS never veers off course. Visitors are invited to explore this unique space and discover the intricate layers and narratives that define APPARATUS.

Photography by Matthew Placek.

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Form and Function Featuring Konekt Studio

form and function konekt studio

silo console table form and function konekt

The Silo Collection

At the core of Konekt Studio’s ethos is their partnerships with artisans in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas, and the merging of contemporary design with the age-old craftsmanship that runs deep through the history of the area. These cherished relationships with artisans of varying expertise have been cultivated for over eight years, which allows Konekt to explore and combine form and function in their designs.

Konekt’s journey has involved countless hours-long drives through the sprawling farmland of Southeastern Pennsylvania, particularly in Berks, Lancaster, and Bucks counties, where many of their partners’ workshops are located. These counties have a rich agricultural history with farming communities that made this region one of the “bread basket colonies” of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The farmlands of these counties are vast, open, and dotted with picturesque farmhouses and barns. Yet, beside many of the houses are grain silos, jutting up like small skyscrapers above the flat fields and lower-lying structures. These tall cylinders, elongated by a domed roof, cast an industrial and modern presence against an otherwise pastoral, timeless landscape.

konekt form and function silo

Konekt developed a long-term obsession with this striking form – resulting in hundreds of iPhone photos taken while driving or pulled off to the side of the road to get a better view. The silos occupied their minds for years while they ruminated on how the shape could lend itself to furniture. The cylindrical base of the silo seemed like a natural table leg, yet the dome posed a hindrance to a functional surface. However, a hollow, removable dome could serve an unexpected purpose.

Konekt turned to two artisan partners in these areas who have been on their journey since day one – one a woodshop with master craftsmen and the other a meticulous welder, sculptor, and finisher. The final collection consists of a solid wood dining table, console table, coffee tables, and side tables complemented by hand-finished, brass-wrapped legs. A hollow brass dome sits atop each table, continuing the shape of the cylindrical leg into that of a silo – and transforming the whole piece with a bold and elegant presence.

The dome creates a secretive and playful location to hide small treasures or objects of everyday ritual. When gathering around the table, the magnetized dome can be removed as desired – revealing inlay brass to fill the visual absence – and kept elsewhere. This is form and function at its best.

konekt silo side table

coffee table silo form & function

The Rib Collection

The Rib Collection features ceiling pendants, flush mounts and wall sconces showcasing a variety of shapes and sizes. Each piece of glass is blown in Italy and delicately framed by thin brass ribs. A cylindrical brass finial, with optional hand-wrapped leather or suede, elongates the pendant and adds a finishing touch of refinement.

The collection continues Konekt’s exploration of opposing characteristics — finding contrast and balance between strength and fragility, soft curves and sharp lines, adornment and moderation.

form + function konekt rib pendant

konekt rib pendant – small sphere

rib pendant konekt – capsule pendant

rib sconcne

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Refractory: American Craftsmanship Revisited

Refractory, founded by Angie West and Alberto Vélez, emphasizes materiality and American craftsmanship in design. Based in Chicago, Refractory is a furniture, lighting, and objects brand and design studio that conceives, produces, and purveys rigorously crafted works in a language distinct within American and contemporary design landscapes. The studio’s ethos embraces the unusual, durable, and resilient, drawing inspiration from nature and classical training. Their work represents a renaissance in American artisanship and small-scale urban manufacturing, combining noble materials and innovative branding. Layering traditional methods with modern tools, Refractory is both an evolution and an extension of a community of artists rooted in American craftsmanship who seek to create in the space where art meets collectible design. Their mission is to sustain and evolve American craft while fostering a collaborative environment among artisans. The debut collection aims for aesthetic durability, encouraging interaction and the visible wear of time.

“Cypher is a shroud of nature’s codes.  The patterns born from millions of years of DNA coding, celebrated by both the outside and the rarely seen inside of the armadillos armor, are wrapped together with human language and literature. A series of seven AP variations in polished bronze is currently available.” Each work is piece-unique. The artist hand assembles each pendant from panels of torn wax. Textural compostion, diameter, and height will slightly vary from one to another.

dining table refractory

american craft refractory table

refractory bowl

dining table refractory

dining table refractory

refractory lighting

refractory american craft floor lamp

refractory dining room table

american craft refractory dining table

sconce refractory

tributary table refractory

side table refractory

bench refractory

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Welcome Home: Christopher Boots Lighting Fixtures in Residence

christopher boots carlton residence

Situated in the Australian city of Carlton, this grand multi-level urban development exemplifies high-quality finishes and architectural excellence, prominently featuring 29 CHRISTOPHER BOOTS lighting fixtures. This 4-bedroom home boasts luxurious amenities such as an indoor tennis court, pool, gym, library, Turkish spa, and rooftop garden, all of which harmonize with the selection of CHRISTOPHER BOOTS lighting fixtures.

The property’s opulent materials, including solid marble skirting, travertine surfaces, and rich piled carpets, complement the raw beauty of uncut quartz crystal. A beautiful interplay exists between the exquisitely detailed finishes, like the curved marble skirting mirroring the organic shapes of uncut quartz. Warm brass and meticulously sourced materials further contribute to the luxurious ambiance. SUGAR BOMB sconces, with their crystalline brilliance, illuminate the marble-clad walkways, while PYTHAGORAS sconces add a geometric touch to the bathrooms. Eleven ABACUS crystal drops adorn the Arabescato Breccia marble kitchen, creating a timeless look. And the DIAMOND RING fixture looks like it’s exploded in a magnificent geode burst, illuminating the entry way – a rather show stopping moment for guests as they first enter the home.

CHRISTOPHER BOOTS, the acclaimed lighting designer, has established himself as a leading figure in Australian design over the past 12 years. Despite his success, Boots humorously admits to not having overhead lighting in his own bedroom due to a ceiling covered with Baltic pine. His studio’s notable commissions include projects for HERMÈS, CASSINA, Milan’s GALLERIA ROSSANA ORLANDI, and CARTIER’s Sydney flagship store. His work also graces the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton in Melbourne and a suite at Badrutt’s Palace hotel in St. Moritz.

Boots’s designs frequently draw inspiration from Greek mythology. The Nepenthes chandelier, for instance, evokes the mythical substance that quells all sorrows, featuring chains hung with milky spheres. The Prometheus chandelier, named after the Titan who gifted fire to humanity, comprises a large brass ring adorned with quartz crystals, resembling a circle of flame when illuminated. The Ouranos collection, inspired by the personification of the sky, incorporates perfect quartz spheres, enhancing the ethereal quality of his creations. This blend of mythology and materiality infuses Boots’s work with a sense of timeless wonder and beauty.

christopher boots – Pythagoras

christopher boots lighting fixtures - diamond ring

christopher boots lighting fixtures – diamond ring

christopher boots lighting fixtures - abacus

christopher boots lighting fixtures - sugar bomb

prometheus christopher boots

prometheus christopher boots

Photography by Matt McQuiggan

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The Debut Bed Collection from Pierre Augustin Rose

in bed with pierre augustin rose

pierre augustin rose French designed bed

Pierre Augustin Rose, a collective of three designers based in Paris, France, has introduced a captivating debut bed collection. Their innovative designs and classic inspirations, coupled with beautiful lacquers, fabrics, and impeccable quality, define this latest offering. The collection embodies a timeless feel while paying homage to the great masters of 20th-century design. Each bed is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating harmonious and inviting spaces, blending traditional French craftsmanship with a contemporary sensibility.

The debut bed collection includes The Ritz, The Patty, & The Delhos designs.

bed collection pierre augustin rose

bed collection by pierre augustin rose patty

delhos lacquer bed pierre augustin rose

delhos bed pierre augustin rose

delhos side table pierre augustin rose

delhos debut bed collection

delhos debut bed collection pierre augustin rose

side table bed collection pierre augustin rose

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New from COUP Studio


maverick grand dining table coup studio

Introducing new products from COUP STUDIO. The organic beauty of the Maverick Grand Dining Table, the punk rock nature of Damian Jones’ Spring Pouffe, the natural allure of the Belo Table, the cozy charm of the Donner Chair, the whip smart Bremen Floor Lamp, & the powerful Snare Tables come together to present exciting new creations from Darin Geise.

Established in 2010, COUP STUDIO was founded by Geise, inspired by his extensive travels and deep appreciation for high-quality antiques and vintage furnishings. The studio has cultivated enduring relationships with master upholsterers, metalworkers, and woodworkers, ensuring meticulous detail in each collection and reflecting an appreciation for the art of crafting collectible furnishings.

Designed by Geise, COUP STUDIO’s furniture and lighting are bench-made in California and Italy. Collaborations with artists, including exclusive pieces and limited editions, highlight a commitment to elevated design.

Darin is known for establishing COUP D’ETAT in San Francisco and Los Angeles and for his entrepreneurial leadership in the interior design industry. COUP D’ETAT showrooms have been thriving for over 20 years and are premiere design destinations for luxury interior furnishings throughout the U.S.

maverick grand dining table

damian jones stool coup studio

damian jones pouffe

belo table coup studio

donner chair coup studio

bremen floor lamp coup studio

snare table coup studio

snare table close up

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A Peek Behind the Curtain: Steven’s Morningside Home

living room morningside home

Before we take a tour of Steven’s Morningside Home & his showroom selects…

House shopping wasn’t what I wanted to do that day but I relented. Our realtor drove us around the 100-year-old neighborhood of Morningside “just to see,” and as fate would have it, the very last house caught my eye. The original floor plan was simple: four rooms down, three rooms up, a sun porch on the side, and a sad cinder block addition off the back. The simplicity made sense to me.  Was this the one? Walking the perimeter of the house, I studied the foundation looking for any disruptions in the brick. I walked it twice desperate for any excuse to abort. No drops in the line.  No cracks in the mortar. The foundation was strong and so, with trepidation and a vision for what could be, we made an offer. 

It turned out the house rested on a better foundation than my relationship. In January of 2020, a month before closing, we decided it would be best for me to purchase the house than be upside down on the “designer” upgrades I insisted on. The first few nights of March were restless. Resentful of a mortgage I anticipated to split with a partner and room after room of empty house weighed heavy on me. However, none of it compared to what was coming as a mystery virus gripped us all. School closures followed. Then work closures. And finally, mandatory lockdowns.  

Restless nights quickly turned to sleepless nights.   

The first few months of the pandemic were scary, but I was lucky.  The interiors were far from comfortable, but those yellow brick walls now painted white protected me during those months. This newly renovated 1920’s house quickly became my office, my gym, my bar, my theater, and most fortunately of all, an incubator for a new and great love.  

My luck continued as our industry thrived during the pandemic. Over the next two years and with the support of so many vendors, I pieced together a slice of heaven for myself. Rooms stitched together in deep autumnal hues of burnt cinnamon and rust. Walls covered in cherished pieces of art each one worthy yet most worthless. And windows draped in yards and yards of fabric. Slowly we went back to work, back to the gym, back to the bars. Bit by bit, my tiny little house in Morningside became what it was always meant to be – a home.  

It’s been five years since I first laid eyes on this house. Personally, these pictures have captured the saddest, strangest, scariest, yet most fulfilling parts of my life until now. Professionally, they will forever memorialize the successes of our small business. I will forever be grateful to our wonderful clients who have supported us and to every one of our vendors who continue to believe in our vision of what a multiline showroom could and should be. And above all, I am grateful to my business partner and best friend, Ryan Hughes. Thank you for including me in your dream to build this beautiful life for ourselves. 2024 starts a new chapter as we set out to open our second location in New York City. And with that, I hope to see you all on Lexington very soon!

Neighborly Love: Satellite Mirror from Ainsworth Noah // Showroom Select: Oasis Sofa from Coup Studio

Gallery Crush: John Serl Painting from Mason Fine Art // Showroom Select: Casino Table from Coup Studio

kitchen morningside home

kitchen favorites morningside home

Showroom Select: Muriel Brandolini Drapery from Holland and Sherry // Neighborly Love: Easton from Waterworks

dining room morningside home

dining room favorites morningside home

Showroom Select: Trapeze : 4 Surface from APPARATUS // Gallery Crush: Bastiaan Woudt photography from Jackson Fine Art

sunroom morningside home

Showroom Selet: Bishop Table from Coup Studio // Neighborly Love: Wicker Pedestal & Urn from Pierre Frey

main bedroom favorites morningside home

Showroom Select: Tidal Chandelier from John Pomp // Neighborly Love: Vintage Mirror from Jim Thompson

main bathroom morningside home

main bathroom morningside home

Showroom Select: Glacon Tall Sconce from Jonathan Browning // Product Feature: Pullman Soap Dish from Urban Archaeology

hallway decor morningside home

Gallery Crush: Thornton Dial Painting from Townhouse by Robert Brown // Showroom Select: Series 02 Sconce from Adam Otlewski

den favorites part 2 morningside home

Showroom Select: Custom Galleria Ottoman from Natasha Baradaran // Showroom Select: Sling Chair from Coup Studio 

den favorites morningside home

Gallery Crush: Vintage Art from Robin Rains Antiques // Showroom Select: Sea Urchin Pendant from Coup Studio

office morningside home

Designer Crush: Custom Desk from Casey McCafferty // Showroom Select: Albert’s Cross Wallcovering – Malibu from Holland and Sherry

guest suite morningside home

guest suite favorites

Neighborly Love: Murano Lamps from Foxglove // Showroom Select: Globeaus from Natasha Baradaran


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In the Garden with Sirak

Sirak is a Los Angeles-based design studio helmed by Adam Sirak, specializing in exterior and landscape projects. With a mission to cultivate gardens – inside and out – the designer began by creating original outdoors spaces for living and entertaining, but now extends his approach by unveiling a collection of sculptural vessels for plant specimens. 

“Adding Sirak to the list of represented designers at R HUGHES signals an expansion for the showroom as we begin to usher the beauty of the outdoors into our homes. Adam’s approach seems simple: nature provides serenity, so why not include it in our interior plans? And yet, more often than not, we have not seen it executed with this level of refinement within most sophisticated spaces.. Sirak provides that elevated solution.”

sirak garden 1

R HUGHES: Was Sirak a company conceived and birthed during the pandemic? How did that influence the way you approached the business? 

ADAM SIRAK: Yes and no. Although the first collection – Series 1 – was introduced right before the pandemic hit, the journey of creating and bringing them to life started years before. The genesis of the pieces actually started with me in my woodshop making molds and mixing concrete, sketching hundreds, if not thousands of drawings, and just letting the ideas take shape. It was a long (and messy) process but I think that’s how creativity works. It rarely arrives like a bolt of lightning. 

As terrifying and sad as the pandemic was I think it offered fresh perspective too. For me, that was a reminder not to rush and just design for the love of what I wanted to see in the world and what I would be satisfied with even if I never sold a piece. 

sirak garden 2

RH: Your two collections are inspired by Greco-Roman shapes…when did you become enthralled with these cultures? How do they continue to inspire you? 

AS: Where do I begin? I think it goes back to that old adage that if you want to know the way forward look to the past. The ideas those civilizations produced are still reverberating through almost all aspects of modern culture. When I look at the level of beauty and sophistication in their architecture, art and philosophy it gives me a sense of wonder that could almost be described as divine. 

sirak garden 3

RH: Where did your love of gardens extend from?

AS: I’m from Miami and I feel very fortunate to have grown up in South Florida where nature is a very unique, sublime form of beauty. Both my parents are also landscape designers so it was constant from a very early age between working in their personal garden, which I consider a masterpiece, to trips to nurseries to weekends in the Everglades. It was always rare palms, rare orchids, big houses and gardens, and while I didn’t know it at the time it made a very deep impression on me. 

sirak garden 4

RH: What design problem are you trying to solve? 

AS: The thing that I think is incredible about a plant is that it does something to a room that no other piece can. You can have the absolute best of everything in a room – and then you add a plant and suddenly the energy changes and everything seems more elevated because it’s alive. The problem is what do you put the plant in that’s going to hang with the best of everything? That’s what I’m after. 

sirak garden

RH: You were previously in the fashion industry during your 12 years of living in New York. How does that fashion industry experience inform your design choices? 

AS: Fashion isn’t really about clothes. Clothes are just the medium. What Fashion is really about is how to create illusion and desire. Those are the big lessons I learned and I took those and applied them to the art of making gardens. I think that’s why my work has resonated with clients because my gardens aren’t about this or that plant – the plants are just the medium. What they’re really about is emotions and memories and feelings. 

sirak garden vignette nyc

RH: How does your experience as a landscape architect/artist impact your designs?

AS: Most importantly, I think it grounds the designs to reality. So much of my landscape work is done on-site and in the field that I’m designing the planters as a response to specific design challenges that arise on any project. The shapes and dimensions aren’t just purely cosmetic or hypothetical. They’re intended as a set of tools for Design Professionals. 

sirak garden vignette

RH: What inspired the debut collection given that it’s modular? Why was that important to you? What does that mean for designers?

AS: This allows the designer almost complete control over the height or volume depending on what the space calls for. Sometimes you need something tall and dramatic to fill the space and other times it just needs to sit quietly behind the sofa. 

The other important aspect is it allows for a much easier installation. The individual segments can be carried into place avoiding the need for a huge crew or equipment. 

sirak orion garden

RH: You are based in LA with vast and varied landscapes. How have your West Coast surroundings form your design perspective? 

AS: California is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth and incidentally one of only five Mediterranean climates on the planet. I draw an analogy between the diversity of the plant palettes that thrive here and the mix of ancient cultures that thrived in the actual Mediterranean basin so long ago. 

sirak artifact

RH: What is inspiring your next series? 

AS: This fall I’m taking a trip through Andalucia to study the Islamic gardens and palace couryards of Southern Spain. I’m traveling solo with my pens and sketchpad and I’m there to capture some of the beauty and mystery of that world. 

sirak future perfect house

RH: What piece was the most technically challenging? What was the most emotionally challenging?

AS: Oh, they’ve all been challenging! The mold-making process is really mind-bending because it’s basically a reverse sculpture of negative space. I can’t tell you the amount of hours I’ve sat and stared. That said, the wings on the ICARUS models and the opposing curves were particularly tough. 

RH: What plants are currently in your home? How do you cultivate the sense of a garden indoors? 

AS: I think of plants as covetable objects as important as a lamp or a pair of chairs. Some of them are rare and some are more common but I like to put them together in combinations that show off the colors and textures. It’s really another layer of decorating and depending on your style it could be very minimal or totally over the top. 

RH: You’ve claimed “Gardens are maps that guide us to connect with ourselves.” Tell us more about that. 

AS: I think a garden is really about an invitation to remember our eternal bond with nature and to contemplate our place in the Universe and, in that way, it’s a map to connect with our deeper selves. The world is a busy and confusing place and a garden – or even a perfectly potted plant – invites us to pause and be present, which we could all do more of. 

RH: We are big on monthly playlists at R HUGHES with our OFFICE Radio series. So help us out, what song would you add to our next playlist?

AS: I’m currently obsessed with Say She She – an all-female trio of vocalists. They reference classic disco and funk making every day sound like Friday. 

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The Beauty of Change: The Inaugural Rug Collection from Zak + Fox

zak and fox office in nyc

Zak + Fox, the renowned textile designer, has recently unveiled a stunning new rug collection that epitomizes the brand’s signature aesthetic of luxurious, globally inspired – yet boldly personal – designs. Known for their extensive fabrics and wallpapers, Zak + Fox has now ventured into the realm of floor coverings, bringing their distinctive style to a new medium. The collection features a range of rugs that showcase Zak + Fox’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship.

ringo rug zak and fox office nyc

Each rug in the collection is a masterpiece in its own right, blending traditional techniques with contemporary design sensibilities. Zak + Fox draws inspiration from a myriad of sources, including ancient textiles, tribal patterns, and natural landscapes. This eclectic mix of influences results in rugs that are not only visually striking but also rich in cultural significance. Departing from conventional decorative arts, this collection embodies a deeper narrative, reflecting Profera’s journey of loss and mourning, particularly after the passing of his cherished Shiba Inu, Shinji. Despite initially unintentional, Profera’s emotional process subtly weaved into the collection to emphasize the beauty of change.

One of the standout features of Zak + Fox’s new rug collection is the use of vibrant colors and intricate patterns. From bold geometric shapes to delicate floral motifs, each rug tells a story and adds a layer of sophistication to any space. The collection also includes a variety of textures, from sumptuous wool to lustrous silk, adding depth and dimension to the designs.

Overall, Zak + Fox’s new rug collection is a testament to the brand’s innovative spirit and dedication to excellence. With their unique blend of tradition and modernity, these rugs are sure to become coveted pieces for interior designers and homeowners alike, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

oken rug zak and fox office

Et infra zak and fox new york office rug

ruudukko rug zak and fox

hako rug zak and fox

Listen to Zak’s recent interview on Business of Home with Dennis Scully HERE.

Discover more at Holland & Sherry.

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Dripping in Cartier with Christopher Boots

christopher boots cartier

christopher boots cartier prometheus

The collaboration between CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier for the lighting pieces in their iconic Australian flagship in Sydney was a significant moment. It marked a continuation of the longstanding partnership between the two brands and presented an opportunity for the studio to create impactful lighting for a major retail space in their home country. The collaboration highlighted the shared history and values, emphasizing their connection to nature, luxury, and materiality. And of course…what is better than dripping in opulent materials like aged brass, quartz, gold leaf, dark bronze…

As mentioned, both CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier draw inspiration from the natural world – using materials that tell stories and connect to the land. This shared ethos is reflected in the specific designs of the chosen lighting for the flagship space, which feature clear quartz crystals and sand-cast bronze sourced from the Australian landscape. The materials used are not only there to add beauty, but also to convey a sense of resilience and timelessness, echoing the narrative of the Australian outback.

The lighting installations at the Cartier flagship in Sydney, including the PETRA III in clear quartz and the PROMETHEUS I and PROMETHEUS II clusters, add a jewelry-like quality to the space. The custom cluster of clear quartz crystal STALACTITES in the central stairwell further enhances the nature-inspired theme of the furnishings. This collaboration not only illuminates the physical space but also symbolizes the enduring bond between CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier, showcasing their shared values, inspirations, and commitment to crafting narratives that transcend time and captivate the essence of beauty, art, and luxury.

christopher boots cartier prometheus ii

christopher boots cartier petra

christopher boots cartier stalactite

Imagery Credits: Nic Gossage + Christopher Boots

Video Credits: Caleb Graham Films + JA Creative Co + Christopher Boots

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Introducing After Editions by Dylan Farrell

After Editions is a creative collective founded in 2023 by Dylan and Nicolette Farrell. Their designs blend contemporary craftsmanship with playful elements, drawing on influences from street art, industrial music, American arts and crafts, and constructivism.

antler table after editions

“Each object offered by After Editions is thoughtfully crafted in close collaboration with some of the world’s most talented artisans, combining age-old techniques with the most modern technologies available. Artistic risks are taken. Gimmicks are avoided. The goal is to offer heirloom pieces filled with undiluted personality.”

You can see this philosophy come to life in pieces like the Antler Round Dining Table, Rachis Side Table, Lady Leveller Chair, Sail Sconce, & more.

Dylan, born and raised in New York, developed his style amidst the city’s street art and underground music scene. He studied industrial design at Pratt Institute, where he was part of the Toyshop Collective and worked with urban artists. Nicolette, from post-industrial Pennsylvania, initially pursued creative writing but later studied interior design at Pratt, with a focus on fashion design and constructivist garments.

The two met at Pratt Institute, bonding over their shared love for cosmic post-rock music and Brooklyn’s arts scene. They gained experience working with renowned designers in the USA and Europe before moving to Australia, where they now split their time between New York and Sydney. Their approach involves collaborating with skilled artisans, blending traditional techniques with modern technologies to create unique pieces. They strive to create heirloom-quality objects that are both functional and visually striking.

Their collection has been featured in various publications, including Architectural Digest, Vogue, and Interior Design, and their Modules Table won a Best of Year award from Interior Design magazine. After Editions’ work reflects a commitment to craftsmanship, creativity, and a bold, contemporary aesthetic.

antlers table after editions

Rachis Table by After Editions Dylan Farrell

modules coffee table by dylan farrell after editions

Leveller Chair by Dylan Farrell After Editions

Sail Sconce by Dylan Farrell After Editions

Lady Leveller Chair by Dylan Farrell After Editions