Dripping in Cartier with Christopher Boots

christopher boots cartier prometheus

The collaboration between CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier for the lighting pieces in their iconic Australian flagship in Sydney was a significant moment. It marked a continuation of the longstanding partnership between the two brands and presented an opportunity for the studio to create impactful lighting for a major retail space in their home country. The collaboration highlighted the shared history and values, emphasizing their connection to nature, luxury, and materiality. And of course…what is better than dripping in opulent materials like aged brass, quartz, gold leaf, dark bronze…

As mentioned, both CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier draw inspiration from the natural world – using materials that tell stories and connect to the land. This shared ethos is reflected in the specific designs of the chosen lighting for the flagship space, which feature clear quartz crystals and sand-cast bronze sourced from the Australian landscape. The materials used are not only there to add beauty, but also to convey a sense of resilience and timelessness, echoing the narrative of the Australian outback.

The lighting installations at the Cartier flagship in Sydney, including the PETRA III in clear quartz and the PROMETHEUS I and PROMETHEUS II clusters, add a jewelry-like quality to the space. The custom cluster of clear quartz crystal STALACTITES in the central stairwell further enhances the nature-inspired theme of the furnishings. This collaboration not only illuminates the physical space but also symbolizes the enduring bond between CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier, showcasing their shared values, inspirations, and commitment to crafting narratives that transcend time and captivate the essence of beauty, art, and luxury.

christopher boots cartier prometheus ii

christopher boots cartier petra

christopher boots cartier stalactite

Imagery Credits: Nic Gossage + Christopher Boots

Video Credits: Caleb Graham Films + JA Creative Co + Christopher Boots