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“People often think of the study as a dark, masculine room,” says designer and showroom owner Ryan Hughes. “But we liked the idea of playing it a little differently; something light and bright.” He and Steven Leonard established a bold but calming combination of gold, rust and blush tones. Gold crops up on the high-pile carpet—a nostalgic throwback to Hughes’ childhood—while rust appears on draperies and sofa pillows in two iterations of a new, double-sided textile by Jiun Ho. The pale pink graces accent pillows and the ceiling above, lending the room a soft glow. Texture was paramount—from the plush alpaca bouclé ottoman and the polished porcelain accent table to the cast-glass centerpiece with “a poured liquid look.” A bar made from glossy back-painted glass is less fussy than lacquer, and the kidney-shaped sofa encourages conversation, tête-à-tête style. In an era of iPads, Hughes and Leonard loved the idea of paneling in lieu of built-ins, likening this space to a coffee and cocktail lounge in a boutique hotel lobby. Clean-lined accents include a compendium of colorful vintage-glass vessels, a mid-century brass palm sculpture, vintage charcoal drawings in gilt frames and a brass-and-frosted glass ceiling pendant that “glows like a moon.” –Kate Abney