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When Ryan Hughes and Steven Leonard of R HUGHES designed the back room of their ADAC showroom, they created a multifunctional space for client meetings, presentations, and social gatherings. Earlier this year they hosted dinner for twelve. The guest list included lighting designer Jonathan Browning, eight principals from top Atlanta design firms, and Elizabeth Ralls, Editor of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

The invite was an attractive proposition for busy professionals who rarely have the luxury of relaxing and sharing an evening with their peers, no less in special surroundings like R HUGHES. “Anything Ryan Hughes puts his hand to is always perfection,” says designer Barbara Westbrook. Susan Ferrier calls R HUGHES “a departure” from what is historically featured at ADAC. R HUGHES is an experience that indulges the senses through color, texture, scent (LE LABO’s Santal 26 candles are always burning) and sound — designer Oliver Neil looks forward to the custom playlists. Needless to say, everyone who was invited showed up.

The table of 12 was fully engaged. Ryan says, “For me, the biggest highlights of the evening were first, hearing how everyone runs such successful businesses in all very different ways.  And second, each of us sharing what event or person changed the trajectory of our careers.” The conversation lasted till midnight. Ferrier says, “I didn’t know i would have that much fun.”