Golia (concrete model)

A direct tribute to New Brutalism, the Golia coffee tables acclaim the contradiction formed by the juxtaposition of resin and concrete. Golia is a celebration of the authenticity of materials and geometry of compositions.
The concrete surface features a particular effect achieved by the corrosion of sea salt, which brings the material to life and accentuates its roughness. In contrast, the thick resin, available in various mineral colors, is smooth, bright, deep, and reflects the outside world, changing in turn based on the lights surrounding it.

In the “Concrete” model, the resin appears to spring from a block of concrete, like an unrefined precious stone. In this case, the dialogue between materials is elevated by a material component that gives lightness and grace.

Handcrafted in the Draga & Aurel atelier in Como, each piece is unique.

The Golia Coffee table is available at Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Milan.

Small L 28, W 25, H 50 cm
Large L 62, W 25, H 43 cm