Uma Blue

O C H R E WILD collection consists of naturally dyed rugs that are made in Bengal using centuries old techniques. All rugs are made entirely by hand from the yarn making and dying, to the intricate weaving and through to the finishing. Each rug is unique, sustainably created and ultimately, intimately connected to our shared earth.

JUTE – Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable making it environmentally friendly. The fiber, naturally yellow hued with a silky shine, is known as the golden fiber. Both strong and durable, it is an ideal choice for entrances and hallways.

INDIGO – The green leaves of the plant are soaked and crushed in water. The blue colorant is both invisible and insoluble, and it is finally the reaction to the oxygen in the atmosphere that produces the final blue color.

HILIKA – Hilika is a tree with shiny green fruit. The dye Is derived from the skin of a small nut like tropical fruit. Originally an earthy yellow color, it can be used to create greys, bluish blacks, to olive and mossy greens.

MARIGOLD – Marigold produces a more lemon yellow than turmeric. However, it is much more colorfast. And for this reason, it is often used in combination with other yellow dyes.