Uma Yellow

O C H R E WILD collection consists of naturally dyed rugs that are made in Bengal using centuries old techniques. All rugs are made entirely by hand from the yarn making and dying, to the intricate weaving and through to the finishing. Each rug is unique, sustainably created and ultimately, intimately connected to our shared earth.

LINEN – Linen is organic, bio-degradable and recyclable. Linen is one of the few fabrics not to accumulate static electricity and it is also hypo allergenic.

HEMP –Procured from the eastern Himalayan valley, it is extremely strong, and additionally it is thought to be able to destroy bacteria that comes into contact with its surface.

TURMERIC – The turmeric plant belongs to the same family as ginger. It is a direct dye producing a golden yellow. However, turmeric is one of the more fugitive yellows and can fade rapidly in strong sunlight.

MARIGOLD – Marigold produces a more lemon yellow than turmeric. However, it is much more colourfast. and for this reason it is often used in combination with other yellow dyes.