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Welcome Home: Christopher Boots Lighting Fixtures in Residence

christopher boots carlton residence

Situated in the Australian city of Carlton, this grand multi-level urban development exemplifies high-quality finishes and architectural excellence, prominently featuring 29 CHRISTOPHER BOOTS lighting fixtures. This 4-bedroom home boasts luxurious amenities such as an indoor tennis court, pool, gym, library, Turkish spa, and rooftop garden, all of which harmonize with the selection of CHRISTOPHER BOOTS lighting fixtures.

The property’s opulent materials, including solid marble skirting, travertine surfaces, and rich piled carpets, complement the raw beauty of uncut quartz crystal. A beautiful interplay exists between the exquisitely detailed finishes, like the curved marble skirting mirroring the organic shapes of uncut quartz. Warm brass and meticulously sourced materials further contribute to the luxurious ambiance. SUGAR BOMB sconces, with their crystalline brilliance, illuminate the marble-clad walkways, while PYTHAGORAS sconces add a geometric touch to the bathrooms. Eleven ABACUS crystal drops adorn the Arabescato Breccia marble kitchen, creating a timeless look. And the DIAMOND RING fixture looks like it’s exploded in a magnificent geode burst, illuminating the entry way – a rather show stopping moment for guests as they first enter the home.

CHRISTOPHER BOOTS, the acclaimed lighting designer, has established himself as a leading figure in Australian design over the past 12 years. Despite his success, Boots humorously admits to not having overhead lighting in his own bedroom due to a ceiling covered with Baltic pine. His studio’s notable commissions include projects for HERMÈS, CASSINA, Milan’s GALLERIA ROSSANA ORLANDI, and CARTIER’s Sydney flagship store. His work also graces the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton in Melbourne and a suite at Badrutt’s Palace hotel in St. Moritz.

Boots’s designs frequently draw inspiration from Greek mythology. The Nepenthes chandelier, for instance, evokes the mythical substance that quells all sorrows, featuring chains hung with milky spheres. The Prometheus chandelier, named after the Titan who gifted fire to humanity, comprises a large brass ring adorned with quartz crystals, resembling a circle of flame when illuminated. The Ouranos collection, inspired by the personification of the sky, incorporates perfect quartz spheres, enhancing the ethereal quality of his creations. This blend of mythology and materiality infuses Boots’s work with a sense of timeless wonder and beauty.

christopher boots – Pythagoras

christopher boots lighting fixtures - diamond ring

christopher boots lighting fixtures – diamond ring

christopher boots lighting fixtures - abacus

christopher boots lighting fixtures - sugar bomb

prometheus christopher boots

prometheus christopher boots

Photography by Matt McQuiggan