Heretofore Sconce

The Heretofore edition brings the notion of a trough of light together with a hand-chiseled texture in sculptural bronze.  Heretofore, of course meaning “until now,” is an abstract concept about the reality that “now” is a constantly moving marker.  At what moment does something transition from “until now” to “now”?  The until-now moments that are ahead of us are contemplative as well.  Heretofore is about holding light rather than directing it, merging sensitive texture and white patination into somewhat industrial troughs.

The Heretofore Sconce is a substantial trough of cast bronze with a hand chiseled texture in its interior finished with our Muslin white patina, rubbed back to reveal an intricate web of natural bronze highlights. An inverted cast bronze vessel floats in the center casting indirect light off of the textured trough.

Depth: 4”
Width: 9”
Height: 25.75”

Cast Bronze: Jet Black, Leather, Muslin, Natural, Otter, Polished
Weight: 40 lbs