Isthmus Chandelier

A narrow sliver of land with bodies of water on either side, an isthmus is a slender formation that tethers one frontier to another. A passage, or connective tissue, that joins two otherwise separated masses is the language of the Isthmus series.

Arranged in a linear sequence of five pendants. The orientation of each pendant can be rotated as preferred.  The rectangular ceiling canopy can be finished to match fixture or ceiling.

Ceiling Canopy Length: 60”
Ceiling Canopy Width: 8”
Distance between pendants (c-c): 12”
First to last pendant (c-c): 48”
Drop as shown: 44”

Cast Bronze: Artefact, Cinder, Jet Black, Muslin, Natural, Otter, Polished, Silver Dollar, Wishbone
Cast Glass: Clear, Shale