Tributary Occasional Table – Wood

The Tributary motif is about headwaters and braided streams and also about the nature of tribute, the channeling of materials and processes into something contributory. The works are anchoring, monumental, and express movement between elements both navigable and rough, high plateaus and shallow estuaries.

An exploration of planes, channels, and primary and secondary surfaces. The cast bronze frame and lower surface together support hand-polished kiln cast glass, solid oak, or black walnut.

Diameter: 17.5”
Lower Top Diameter: 17.5”
Lower Top Height: 3.5”
Height: 21.5”

Cast Bronze: Artefact, Cinder, Jet Black, Leather, Muslin, Natural, Otter, Polished, Silver Dollar, Wishbone
Wood Top: Bison Walnut, Caliche Oak, Dusk Oak, Matchstick Oak, Mustang Oak, Nocturne Oak, Raven Oak, Salt Flat Oak, Trail Oak
Weight: 123 lbs