Okenite Bowl & Canthus Dish

The Okenite series draws from the nature of a geode, upon splitting open, whose exterior surface is completely distinct from what has been developing on the interior. The hand-polished fins of the vessels flow into vertical spines and hulls.

Cast glass with an etched interior and natural mold textured exterior. The lip and spine motifs are hand polished. Conceived to stand freely or atop the cast bronze Canthus Dish, available separately.

Diameter: 15.5”
Height: 6.5”

Cast Glass: Bluff, Mink, Shale, Suede
Weight: 25.5 lbs

The Canthus Dish is a shallow bronze vessel with sand-cast texture. It functions as an optional base for the cast glass Okenite Bowl or as a minimalist tray on its own.

Diameter: 10.5”
Height: 1.5”

Cast Bronze: Artefact, Cinder, Jet Black, Muslin, Natural, Otter, Polished, Silver Dollar, Wishbone
Weight: 14.8 lbs