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Under the Stars: Dinner with OCHRE

ochre r hughes dinner

A dreamy night dining with OCHRE at the R HUGHES showroom. The mood payed homage to the delicate balance that OCHRE consistently achieves – between organic forms and elegant materials. As guests entered the showroom, there was an intrinsic draw to the glimmering features of the gaia pendant and the seed cloud installations. The decor on the tables mirrored the natural shapes and themes of the evening, while the menu featured seasonal provisions.

ochre r hughes dinner
Guests enjoyed dining under OCHRE pendants in the R HUGHES Dark Room.
ochre r hughes dinner
Dinner was served by Le Bon Nosh featuring beet and chevre salad, poached halibut with tomato fondu of field peas and fines herbs, and strawberry tart.
drinks at ochre r hughes dinner
R HUGHES kept it spicy featuring not one, but two cocktails featuring mezcal.
drinks at ochre r hughes dinner
Beverages were prepared by Kirk Gibson.
ochre r hughes dinner
To bring the production together, R HUGHES enlisted event designer Sheyda Mehrara who then commissioned Lauren Hill for the floral displays. Taking inspiration from OCHRE designs themselves.
ochre r hughes dinner
The evening was captured through the lens of Joanne Choi.
ochre r hughes dinner
Steven Leonard lighting the tapered candles before welcoming guests to their seats.

ochre r hughes dinner

event design: Sheyda Mehrara

dinner: Le Bon Nosh

floral design: Lauren Hill

photography: Joanne Choi

beverages: Kirk Gibson

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OBESSIONS: Biophilia

bird murmurations

The R HUGHES Obsessions series spun out of this desire to dive deeper into the world immediately surrounding us that provides great inspiration, once you dial in. When we pay attention, certain themes reveal themselves & right now, pieces that mirror the beauty of nature in our own homes are speaking to us.

Biophilia is the tendency to seek connections with nature & it’s an affinity that becomes more important as the world becomes more technologically dependent.

We see it as Nature’s calling. Enjoy.

Hallworth // Eclipse Pendant


Alexander Lamont // Ocean Armoire – Deep Coral


Christopher Boots // Meteor Pendant


Jean de Merry // Tree of Life Reverse Painting


Tuell and Reynolds // Klamath Bronze Cocktail Table


Ochre // Moon Moonlight Murmurations Installation


John Pomp // Moon Orchid – Cascading Chandelier