Brutus Chair

The Brutus is intended to look more cut than constructed, as if it has been weathered naturally over time and then manipulated into a single sculptural element. Both the Armchair and Armless versions possess certain aspects of the muscular vernacular of their Brutalist roots, but add smoothness and lightness. The option of Vienna caning on the seat pays homage to some of our favorite designs from the 1950s, while the upholstered version has a butter-soft leather pad with suspension webbing for maximum comfort. Each Brutus features the same style of elliptical legs which appear broad from one perspective, remarkably thin from another – similar to a shark’s fin.

CB-47 Brutus Armless Chair
W 18 3/4″, 47.6 cm
D 21″, 53.4 cm
H 29 1/2″, 75 cm
SH 17 3/4″, 45.1 cm