Mantis Lounge Chair

Our Mantis Side and Mantis Lounge Chair, carved entirely from solid wood, represent a fresh take on the classic American courthouse chair, inspired by the powerful silhouette, stance, and repose of the praying mantis. Strong and elegant, sharp and curved, thick and thin — the Mantis is sturdy and solid, yet visually light, and available with hand-stitched leather cushions to amplify the comfort of what is already a profoundly ergonomic seat. Each joint of beautifully grained wood is reinforced by steel pins to ensure maximum durability.

W 27 1/2″, 69.8 cm
D 23 5/8″, 60.2 cm
H 27 3/8″, 69.6 cm
SH 14 7/8″, 37.8 cm
AH 23 1/8″, 58.6 cm