Petal Chair Metal Base

Once again taking the natural world as source inspiration, our Petal Chair, Lounge, and Stool Collection represents the most advanced 3D molded wooden veneer furniture manufactured by anyone to date. Working with the same company that has been pressing the Eames’ molded plywood chairs for decades, we wanted to create a series of pieces in wood, shaped for comfort. Each has a unique curvature in the rump of the shell, waterfall edges, and petal-shaped arms, all with accentuated wood grain that speaks to the organic pattern of lines emanating from the central point of a flower.

CB-290M Petal Armchair Metal Base
W 23 7/8″, 60.7 cm
D 21 5/8″, 55 cm
H 30 3/8″, 77.2 cm
SH 18 1/4″, 46.3 cm
AH 24 7/8″, 63.2 cm