Wood Frame Lounge Chair Low Back

The Wood Frame Collection is inspired by the glass house nature of our residence in Connecticut; we wanted to create furniture that looked immaculate, surveyed from every angle. The Wood Frame Lounge Chair deconstructs the bulkiness of traditional lounge seating, reducing it to its essence — an exposed structural wood frame, elevated to fine cabinetry as a Modernist grid, and a system of thin, layered cushions for total comfort. Available as low back and high back, as well as a reinterpretation of a classic wing back, each comes in club chair, settee, and sofa versions. Seat and back cushions comprised of a variable-density foam core are surrounded by plush down and feather pillows, with matching removable lumbar and bolster cushions.‎ Upholstery options include a rich palette of natural grain leathers from Scandinavian hides as well as other fine contemporary textiles.

CB-50 Low Back Lounge Chair
W 29 1/2″, 75 cm
D 33 1/2″, 85 cm
H 28 1/2″, 72.4 cm
SH 16″, 40.6 cm
AH 20″, 50.8 cm