Pebble Lounge Armchair

We wanted to develop a set of chairs and stools to serve a variety of purposes, all from the same source of inspiration: a pebble found while walking on the beach at Cape Cod. Each piece shares the same ergonomic, organic ease of shape, but has been created via experimental, forward-thinking engineering. What appears to be a straightforward stool – available in plain wood or upholstered – was perfected after numerous prototypes, each changing the increment of its curves until comfort matched visual appeal. The upholstered versions incorporate as few seams as possible to match the integrity of the original inspiration. The Lounge Chair, in solid wood with carved legs, expands on the source shape with a single curved back and arms, and an overall harmonious form when viewed from any angle.

W 29″, 73.7 cm
D 24 1/4″, 61.5 cm
H 27 1/2″, 69.8 cm
SH 15 1/2″, 39.2 cm
AH 23 1/2”, 59.7 cm