Spoke Side Table

This design was originally commissioned by a large Australian architecture firm who wanted the perfect wooden table to complement other BassamFellows pieces throughout the lobbies of a new tower. As simple as a geometric line drawing, the table features a large wooden ring supported by three spokes which connect seamlessly to the outer edges.‎ A precise timber circle – the work of our master craftsmen – emphasizes the wood’s grain, conjuring a concentric effect best admired through a glass top.‎ The table’s elliptical legs create a slim silhouette that balance the top’s bold geometry.‎ With no hard edges, the legs can appear wide or thin, depending on the viewing angle.‎ The Spoke Table balances heft and levity, an elegant and versatile design that marries architectural precision with craftsmanship.‎

CB-321 Spoke Side Table
Ø 19 5/8″, 50 cm
H 17 3/4″, 45 cm