Wood Frame Chair

Our Wood Frame Dining Chairs and Stools push the concept further. Our Modernist grid is further honed to create a distinctive side profile and back view – crucial elements when viewed surrounding a table or counter. The outer corners are softly rounded – a BassamFellows signature – and the exposed rear frame becomes both a handle to maneuver the chair without touching the upholstery, and a natural place to hang a jacket or sweater.‎ The backrest is structural but designed with a non-rigid upper frame to keep its profile as thin as possible while building in flex for movement.‎ Cushions are slimmed as much as possible without sacrificing comfort, and lightly tufted for a distinctly tailored appearance.‎

CB-540 Wood Frame Armchair
W 24″, 61 cm
D 24 1/2″, 62.2 cm
H 31″, 78.7 cm
SH 18″, 45.7 cm
AH 25 1/2″, 64 cm

CB-547 Wood Frame Armless Chair
W 18″, 45.6 cm
D 23 3/4″, 60.3 cm
H 31″, 78.7 cm
SH 18″, 45.7 cm