Spindle Side Chair

The starting point for our Spindle Chair and accompanying bar and counter designs was a visit to Louis Kahn’s Exeter Library, where we were inspired by the juxtaposition of a traditional Windsor Chair and the Brutalist geometry of the architecture. We wanted to create that same frisson between old and new by stripping the distinctive silhouette to its essence, making the legs and spindles as slender as possible, and crafting them from metal rather than wood. In each design, the ergonomic carved wooden elements appear weightless, with minimal supports. The result is an updated classic that draws an elegant, refined line across three centuries. Each chair and stool is engineered with a commercial grade return swivel for ease of use and a neat appearance, also making them a highly practical solution for hospitality environments.

W 22 1/4″, 56.6 cm
D 21 3/8″, 54.3 cm
H 29 1/4″, 74 cm
SH 17 5/8″, 44.8 cm
AH 25 3/4″, 65.4 cm